Allow your customers to pay
in low instalments at your online store

How the System Works

Soon, with Parcela Já, purchases at your online store gain a new payment method.

Offer your customers the possibility to pay their online purchases in low instalments, in a quick and intuitive way.

When checking out, your client may split payment with their Visa or Mastercard credit card into up to 6 tranches without interests and without any bureaucracy or the need to have a credit approved.

To access our system, you will need the client's credit card. Our system offers a great opportunity to induce new purchases, scheduling client´s payments on a pre-selected monthly basis.

3 simple steps
Passo 1

Step 1

When checking out, select payment using Parcela Já tool and select the number of tranches into which the purchase shall be split.

Passo 2

Step 2

Enter your credit card details.

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Step 3

Enter your mobile number. Afterwards, you will receive a verification code via SMS. After entering the code, the purchase will be validated.


In 3 simple steps, clients may split their purchase’s payment into tranches, without any related costs or bureaucracy. And better yet, without the need to leave your online store page.

Nothing hidden in the small print!

When the customer pays with Parcela Já the system generates a personal instalment plan.

The 1st instalment is charged immediately after the purchase, an authorization holding a maximum of two instalments is generated on the credit card.

Every month, Parcela Já charges the due instalment on customer's credit card, until the payment plan is completed.

The store receives the sales value within 72 working hours after the sale.

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