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The way you shop will gain a new life! With Parcela Já, you can parcel all your purchases on your credit card, from 2 to 12 times, with no taxes! Now, you have the chance of raise your purchasing power at the same time you make a good management of your personal wallet with no worries. Go to a partner shop and parcel in how many times you wish with Parcela Já. You just need to bring with you your citizen and credit card. It is immediate approval and bureaucracy free.

0% taxes

Make your shopping in how many times you want with Parcela Já, without tax or other associated costs.


To use Parcela Já, you just need your citizen card and credit card. (VISA or Mastercard).


The POS Parcela Já approves your purchase immediately. Do not lose unnecessary time and enjoy your purchases.


With Parcela Já, your personal data is safe. We use the most sophisticated mechanisms of privacy and data protection.


Using Parcela Já, you can choose to pay your purchase from 2 to 12 times without taxes.


Now, you just have to introduce your citizen card and your credit card in POS Parcela Já to make your purchase.


To conclude, sign the purchase receipt and keep it with you. Now, enjoy your purchases carefree and with no surprises.

Frequently asked questions

To parcel a purchase, you just need to have a citizen card and a credit card. The process is made in our POS and it's simple, fast and with no bureaucracy associated.
You do not have any associated costs or interest using Parcela Já, except for purchases at Travel Agencies, where there is a cost of to open the process.
Yes. You need to have the purchase amount available on your credit card. But if you do not have the total amount, you can pay part of the amount through Parcela Já and the rest in another payment mode of your choice.
Yes. The amount you pay through Parcela Já is captive on your credit card, being released as you settle the respective installments.
You can use any Visa and Mastercard credit card except for companies credit cards.

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